Monday, November 12, 2012

VitaPizza Party!

VitaPizza Review!

Now that VitaPizzas are being shipped nationwide, I picked one up to try. A whole mini pizza for only 190 calories? How could I resist?

A frozen VitaPizza ready to cook
The directions are simple, just take off the plastic and bake or microwave for a certain period of time. I chose to bake it, as microwaving pizza tends to make it soggy. Next time I will pop one in the microwave and see how well it crisps up.

So I threw my pizza in the oven and waited... waited... waited... (for ten minutes)

And here's the result!
A freshly cooked VitaPizza
All for me! So how was it?

The serving size was huge. I got to eat this entire pizza (about the size of a Pizza Hut personal pizza) for just 190 calories. This was the cheese & tomato flavor, which had chunks of tomato mixed in. To be honest, it tasted like frozen pizza. The crust was dense and reminded me of a pita, and the tomato sauce was a little bland, unlike the slightly sweet pizza sauce I am used to. However, for the calorie count and the convenience, I think this is a great choice! Spice it up by adding a little garlic powder, pepper, or oregano prior to baking and it would become a masterpiece.

Have you tried the VitaPizza? How did you like it?

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