Sunday, November 4, 2012

Handmade Dumplings

This isn't really a recipe post, more of a recipe review. Take a look at the world's ugliest handmade dumplings. They're gluten free!

I used the pork dumpling filling from Tiny Urban Kitchen here:

And the gluten free dumpling skins from Viet World Kitchen here:

Boiling Dumplings
It took me hours to make the dumpling skins... I made 1/3 of the recipe, but the dough was very sticky and it was difficult to roll out. The dough kept sticking to the rolling pin despite using loads of flour to dust the pin and the surface. Does anybody know a solution for that? 

For the filler, I estimated the portions of the ingredients based upon how much I was planning to make, and used Morningstar Farms Soy Crumbles instead of the pork. Unfortunately the soy crumbles taste kind of beefy, so I think I would change the filling next time. 

The dumplings were good! The skins were very chewy though, I definitely prefer the normal dumpling skins made with regular flour.

For reference, I made the dumpling skins gluten free to avoid the wheat, but I think in the future I would risk feeling sick from the wheat. I have some leftover filling, so I will probably use premade skins for the rest of the filling and compare it to what I got with the homemade.

I really like the dumplings with thick skins... but most of the frozen ones have thin skins! Someday I hope to make the perfect dumpling... keep tuned for another try!

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